Subject Re: [IBO] Black IB_Edits?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:16 AM 29/09/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Not sure if I am going mad.......
>I have a datamodule with connection and transaction components, a main
>form with amoung other things ib_query and corresponding datasources,
>and then another form (form2 lets say) that I was hoping to use as
>data entry that has IB_Edit componets with the datasource set to those
>on the main form. Both units have the corresponding unit in the uses
>clause. During design mode with the queries active, I can see data in
>both forms, but when I run the program, the IB_edits in form2 are
>black, although everything in the main form is fine.
>I'm probably missing something very obvious but I jsut cant see it :(

If you are going to "cobweb" dependencies, make sure that you don't have
any conflicting uses declared. For example, if the main form A needs to
use a child form B's unit and the child form has to use the main unit,
"cross over" the uses so that A declares (uses) B in its implementation
scope, while B declares A's unit in its interface scope.

However, may I suggest that you move the datasources onto the datamodule if
you are going share them across different forms? That way, the forms can
all use the datamodule, without creating any cross-dependencies on one