Subject Inserting a new row on a TIB_Grid
Author Roberto Freitas
I have a Form with a TIB_Grid.
When I click + on a TIB_UpdateBar, a blank row is appended to the grid
with some value already in the first column, because I have an
AfterInsert event in the DataSet that assigns a value to the field.
But this value is only the begining of the real value for the field.
For instance: it appears like 1.02.02. and I have to complement it with
5006, so it will be
The problem is: after cliking on +, I have to click again on the first
field and over again to go to it's last position.
What I would like? After cliking +, the cursor automatically goes to
the first field and is positioned at it's end, so i can immediately
start typing field's complement.
How can I achieve it?
Thanks a lot.