Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Checkbox and grayed state
Author Christian Gütter
Hi Adrian,

> How can I prevent the IB_ComboBox from displaying in the grayed state when
> the dataset enters the insert state.
> I would expect it to default to blank (or unticked), as the default value is
> ‘F’ when a new record is inserted, but instead it defaults to ‘Null’ which
> is the grayed state.

you have to tell your IB_Query which default value it should use.
Double-click your IB_Query component, open the query and then take a
look at the "Field properties" tab. Select the "ContactTypeVendor"
field at left and then type "F" in the edit box "Default Value" at
right. Then IBO will be using "F" as default value when you insert
a new record.