Subject Re: [IBO] DMLCache problems
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:24 AM 13/09/2005 +1000, Daniel Jimenez wrote:
>Hi Jason, Lester,

I'm not Jason or Lester....but

>I am hopping that Jason has had a chance to look at this, as I will have to
>address this issue in a real application very soon.
>Please let me know if there is anything which I could provide you with which
>will make the question easier to answer.

I've looked back through the messages and can't see any posting from you
about DMLCaching. Do you want to post the "bones" of your problem to the list?


>Thank you
> > > I am aware that you asked Jason if he could look in the problems I
> > > was having with the DMLCache. However, as I have not heard anything
> > > from
> > him, I
> > > was wondering if you have had any feed back from Jason?