Subject DMLCache problems
Author Daniel R. Jimenez
Hi Jason, Lester,

I am hopping that Jason has had a chance to look at this, as I will have to
address this issue in a real application very soon.

Please let me know if there is anything which I could provide you with which
will make the question easier to answer.

Thank you


> > I am aware that you asked Jason if he could look in the problems I
> > was having with the DMLCache. However, as I have not heard anything
> > from
> him, I
> > was wondering if you have had any feed back from Jason?
> I think we need to rattle the cage a bit harder. I was supposed to be
> providing help, but things like this really need Jason's input as it
> is beyond the areas that I use :(
> Now if it was the basic Builder stuff I'd be OK ;)
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> Lester Caine
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