Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Lookup Combo with NULL
Author Antti Kurenniemi

I'd need to do the exact same thing as you, so if you come up with a
"better" (meaning more intuitive for the end-user) solution, I'd appreciate
if you posted it.

Also, I was wondering if there's a component writer around (I've never
really made any myself) who could maybe try making a combo that had, in
addition to the down-arrow a small "clear" button. I have a vague feeling
that I've seen something like that used in some program, but I can't
remember wether it felt "right" or not, so it would be cool to test it on
some poor unsuspectin user ;-)

Antti Kurenniemi

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Re: Lookup Combo with NULL

>> Hi Alan!
>> I know you know that NULL is a state and not a value. I won't force
>> you to teach your users that, but theoretically it may help you get
>> away with a very simple solution... I've never added anything to the
>> lookup combo itself, but simply made a press on the delete button do a
>> TIB_Field.Clear.
>> HTH,
>> Set
> thanks Set - yes I was wanting to avoid the user having to click series of
> clear buttons. The default will be "not selected" - they can drop it and
> select a value where applicable - looks like manual is the way. No biggy
> Alan