Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Lookup Combo with NULL
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan!
> I know you know that NULL is a state and not a value. I won't force
> you to teach your users that, but theoretically it may help you get
> away with a very simple solution... I've never added anything to the
> lookup combo itself, but simply made a press on the delete button do a
> TIB_Field.Clear.
> HTH,
> Set
thanks Set - yes I was wanting to avoid the user having to click series of
clear buttons. The default will be "not selected" - they can drop it and
select a value where applicable - looks like manual is the way. No biggy
> --- In, "Alan McDonald" wrote:
> > I need to allow users to select subcategories for a record based on
> > key values. So I imagine a lookup combo with the possible values to
> > select. But sometimes the value needs to be NULL or not selected and
> > the key is inserted/updated as NULL rather than a value from the
> > lookup table. The lookup table will change depending on the value of
> > another lookup so it's not possible or desirable to add NULLs to all
> > the possible subcategories. Is there an elegant way to achieve this?
> > anyone any ideas? The lookup dataset would need a null value as well
> > as all the other possible values each time it opens with the null
> > value at the top of the list.. Is building the itemslist manually
> > the only way? or is the some workaround for a dataaware control?
> > thanks
> > Alan