Subject Possible BDE/DBase -> FB 1.5/IBO Migration (Noob Questions Inside)
Author raholland3414231
I'm having big trouble dropping my BDE/DBASE line of thinking in favor
of doing things the "real" way. Let me first say what I'm trying to
accomplish in pure english:

Our software is transportation management and I'm getting my feet wet
porting our load view/entry screen to TIBOQuery components (I'm
skipping the convert to TIBTable step) to keep my partner happy about
the latest Infopower awhile back.

Not bothering with the complete table structure i'll list the tables
involved with their PK, relations, and one field of data I wish to
pull in:

this trip table is probably not needed, I put it in the mix - we dont
have it now but have a need to group many loads into one to handle
situations like fedex (one truck, many shipments)

trip ( /* used to group 2+ loads , this is optional in a real load */
tripid int not null primary key,
total_pay numeric(18,4) not null default 0.0000

load ( /* master table, may or may not have a tripid */
loadid int not null primary key,
tripid int,
customer id int
grosspay numeric(10,4) not null default 0.0000

customer (
cust_id int not null primary key,
name varchar(50)

pick ( /* would like to combine this with the below drop table */
rec_no int not null primary key,
pro_no int not null,
pick_no int,
shipper_id int /* to assign a shipping facility */

drop <-- same as pick

shipper (
shipper_id int not null primary key,
name varchar(50),
city varchar(50)

Our current setup has the pick and drop table master/detailed to the
load table across two grids on the bottom with application code to
ensure the pick_no fields get added and pros,etc get assigned.
lookupcombos look up shipper/receivers and assigns them.

loads sit in dbedit/radiogroup/misc db aware components at the top

I have a lot of this functionality built in, but can't for the life of
me get joins to be updateable. For example:

select l.pro_no
, l.tripid
, l.cust_id
, l.car_id
, l.gross_pay
, l.created_date
, l.created_time
, l.status
, l.memo
, c.cust_id
, c.customer
, c.watts
from t_load l
left join customer c
on l.cust_id = c.cust_id
order by pro_no

gets me the customer assigned to the load, the query works and using a
small SP I was able to get a lookupcombo to write /update the customer
on the load. I can't get the above query inserting editsql that looks
the same with the field = :field where pk_field = :old_pk_field (tried
without the old) The best I can do is put the same update sql in the
insert sql to make the set where I can edit, but I can't
append/insert. Do I need to use TIBOQueries to display the joins and
strictly SP's to write back? Is there a more effecient way to do

Many thanks in advance, once I get this ported and the license from
Jason purchased IB/Firebird can add another commercial app to it's
list (2000+ customers in the US/Canada and Israel)

Richard Holland