Subject Error installing Evaluation Version IBO45 in CPPB6 Pro
Author cheantunes
I installed IBO45 in the folder "CBuilder6\Source". Many problems have
arised. I solved many of them creating the folder "CBuilder6
\Source\IBO4\inter" (not created by the installer) and copying all
files of the folder "IBO4\C6" to the root "IBO4". So I successfully
built all packages. But I had problems to install IBO40VDT_C6.BPL,
FDT_C6, XDT_C6 and EDT_C6. The following message arises:
"Cannot load package 'IBO40FRT_C6.' It contains unit Ccalendr,' which
is also contained in package 'bcbsmp60'."
Is there a way to work around this problem?
Thanks in advance!