Subject hello getserverdefaults
Author jeffplata
May I know what state the ibquery.getserverdefaults is in now? The
help file states that
"This can be a bit expensive since the metadata must be queried."
I hope there has been an improvement to this in terms of optimization.
I have a lot of money columns in my table definitions DEFAULTed to
0.00 (among other column types). One reason for this is I am trying to
circumvent those situations when I need to compare values with these
columns, and then find out that most of these are still null (hence,
errors, can't compare nulls to numerics). I know this can be easily
accomplished with ibquery.defaultvalues but then that requires me to
keep track and sych the database and client app in case constraint
changes are applied in the db. So what's the latest?

Thanks in advance,