Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_ComboBoxEnhanced in TIB_Grid
Author Ulrich
Hello Geoff,

> It depends a bit on how exactly you are using the combobox.

I use it in the "display text=value" mode with the dataField property
set to the field which contains the value. Style property is set to
csDropDownList. All is working fine but to make it really strange this
effect, which I described, happens only in combination with boolean
fields (checkboxes), and only if I edit this boolean fields inside the

The boolean fields are defined in the ColumnAttributes property of the
TIB_Query I'm using with the TIB_Grid


If using the TIB_ComboBox, the use of it is slighty different. The
display text and the values are stored inside the items and itemValues
properties of the TIB_ListBox.

Really hard to say which component makes this behaviour occur.

Will create a small sample project for you.

Thanks for your help - Ulrich