Subject [IBO] Re: Can't see buttons on TIB_UpdateBar
Author cwbauer2003
--- In, "jmartine3" <joe@j...> wrote:
> This problem is still not solved. I've resorted to copying my code
> back to my old development machine to make my UpdateBars visible
> (which does work), but I REALLY want to get this taken care of. I
> bought the upgrade to 4.3Aa, which is useless to me right now with
> this problem.
> Could someone who is familiar with the code please tell me what
> actually changed with regard to TIB_UpdateBar in 4.2 Ib? I'm guessing
> that this "lessened resource usage" somehow caused this problem with
> the invisible TIBUpdateBar, and that it's somehow specific to BCB 4.
> -Joe
> --- In, Joe Martinez <joe@j...> wrote:
> > Still don't have a solution to this (other than moving the code back
> to my
> > IBO 4.2 Gc machine and compiling there).
> >
> > I was just reading through the IBO release notes, and found the
> following
> > entry for release 4.2 Ib:
> > "I included additional fixes to lessen resource usage with the
> > TIB_UpdateBar control."
> >
> > I don't know what exactly was changed here, but could this have
> something
> > to do with my problem?
> >
> > -Joe

I'm having the same problem. D4, Win2K, IBO 4.5B (registered)
For me at least the NavigationBar is OK. There is a difference
between the UpdateBar and the NavBar.

IB_UpdateBar.pas includes two lines not in the NavBar:

for i := low(a) to high(a) do
B := TBitmap.Create;
B.LoadFromResourceName( hinstance, strPas(a[i] ));
--> B.Dormant; // this one
--> B.FreeImage; // and this one
UB_Images.AddObject( strPas( a[i] ), B );
Unfortunately commenting out those two lines does not seem to fix it.
The problem appeared after uninstalling a eval version and installing
the registered version.
Does this help anyone?
Chuck Bauer