Subject [IBO] Re: Can't see buttons on TIB_UpdateBar
Author jmartine3
This problem is still not solved. I've resorted to copying my code
back to my old development machine to make my UpdateBars visible
(which does work), but I REALLY want to get this taken care of. I
bought the upgrade to 4.3Aa, which is useless to me right now with
this problem.

Could someone who is familiar with the code please tell me what
actually changed with regard to TIB_UpdateBar in 4.2 Ib? I'm guessing
that this "lessened resource usage" somehow caused this problem with
the invisible TIBUpdateBar, and that it's somehow specific to BCB 4.


--- In, Joe Martinez <joe@j...> wrote:
> Still don't have a solution to this (other than moving the code back
to my
> IBO 4.2 Gc machine and compiling there).
> I was just reading through the IBO release notes, and found the
> entry for release 4.2 Ib:
> "I included additional fixes to lessen resource usage with the
> TIB_UpdateBar control."
> I don't know what exactly was changed here, but could this have
> to do with my problem?
> -Joe