Subject IBO components with CLX on Windows
Author rrssffreitas
My OLD question:
After installing IBO into Delphi 7, the Component palette shows the
following functional groups:
iboCore, iboAccess, iboTools, iboControls, iboSearch, iboGrids,
iboBars, iboMisc, iboDialogs, iboTDataset, iboInternet, iboWebSnap

But, for a CLX Application (yet on Windows), the following groups are
iboControls, iboSearch, iboGrids, iboBars, iboMisc

Helen's answer:
Because IBO doesn't support CLX on Windows. It's a totally different
architecture, based on QT for Windows. IBO for Windows is built on
the VCL architecture.
CLX on Kylix - yes. There, VCL is not an option.

My NEW related question:
My goal in developing a CLX Application (on Windows) is to make it
more easily convertible to Linux in the next future. But, as I
haven't some important development components (over all TIB_Grid and
TIB_CtrlGrid), I'm thinking about to leave this strategy.
May I have any hope about IBO bringing these components for CLX on
Windows? What would you advise me?
Thank you!
Roberto Freitas