Subject Re: [IBO] IBO components with CLX on Windows
Author Lester Caine
rrssffreitas wrote:

> My OLD question:
> After installing IBO into Delphi 7, the Component palette shows the
> following functional groups:
> iboCore, iboAccess, iboTools, iboControls, iboSearch, iboGrids,
> iboBars, iboMisc, iboDialogs, iboTDataset, iboInternet, iboWebSnap
> But, for a CLX Application (yet on Windows), the following groups are
> supressed:
> iboControls, iboSearch, iboGrids, iboBars, iboMisc
> Why?
> Helen's answer:
> Because IBO doesn't support CLX on Windows. It's a totally different
> architecture, based on QT for Windows. IBO for Windows is built on
> the VCL architecture.
> CLX on Kylix - yes. There, VCL is not an option.
> My NEW related question:
> My goal in developing a CLX Application (on Windows) is to make it
> more easily convertible to Linux in the next future. But, as I
> haven't some important development components (over all TIB_Grid and
> TIB_CtrlGrid), I'm thinking about to leave this strategy.
> May I have any hope about IBO bringing these components for CLX on
> Windows? What would you advise me?
> Thank you!

Since CLX is now dead as far as Borland is concerned, it's unlikely that
there is any future in it.
Currently there is not much in the way of an alternative either :(

Lester Caine
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