Subject KeyLinks Property, etc
Author Lee

I keep getting "record could not be located for update" when I try to post a
changes from a TIBOQuery. I usually do not use IBO comps in a record by
record data entry mode, but I need to now and for the life of me, I always
get the keylinks stuff wrong and spend an hour or two trying to figure out
how to make it work.

The table has a unique field called ServerID. In the keylinks property of
the component, I have Servers.ServerID as the value for keylinks. I have
KeyLinksAutoDefined turned off as well. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? For
spinning through datasets in code and such, I love IBO. But when it comes
to setting them up at design time for scrolling editable datasets, its kind
of a pain and not very intuitive at all, at least to me.

Thanks any help ;)