Subject Re: [IBO] KeyLinks Property, etc
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:08 PM 29/07/2005 -0400, you wrote:

>I keep getting "record could not be located for update" when I try to post a
>changes from a TIBOQuery. I usually do not use IBO comps in a record by
>record data entry mode, but I need to now and for the life of me, I always
>get the keylinks stuff wrong and spend an hour or two trying to figure out
>how to make it work.
>The table has a unique field called ServerID. In the keylinks property of
>the component, I have Servers.ServerID as the value for keylinks. I have
>KeyLinksAutoDefined turned off as well. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? For
>spinning through datasets in code and such, I love IBO. But when it comes
>to setting them up at design time for scrolling editable datasets, its kind
>of a pain and not very intuitive at all, at least to me.

It sounds as if you have a joined or union set here. You won't get this
exception unless the set contains multiple rows with identical
KeyLinks. The XxxxxSQL properties (custom or generated) must be able to
form DML statements that target exactly one row in one table.

How about providing the exact SQL of your set for examination?