Subject Specifying Port for TIB_Connection
Author Steve Harp
Hi All,

How do you specify a port with the TIB_Connection object? I have a
client that's running Interbase and Firebird on the same machine. I
understand that I've got to access Firebird through a port other than
3050. I've changed the firebird.conf and set RemoteServiceName =
fds_db. I then changed the Services file and added fds_db 3051/tcp.

According to the Firebird's documentation, the connection string needs
to be something like server_name/port_number:alias_name. I don't see
a connetion string property for the TIB_Connection component. I've
tried the Path property (like 3051:alias) and the server property
(server_name/3051) but this doesn't seem to work.

How is this done?