Subject Re: [IBO] May ibo did that in an simple way?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:40 PM 27/07/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Imagine that i have two tables. One with names and another with
>colors. One user may have one color from a table of colors. So, i did
>a select
>"select name, colors
> from names, colors
> where names.id_color = phones.id_color"
>But when i "edit" this directly the user can't change his default
>color because obviously it didn't bring a select box with the color he
>choose before.
>To do that i did a query to bring "all the colors" and another to
>bring the "id_color from the user". So i select in colors the one that
>has the id_color from the user. If he wants to change he can choose
>another color from this. The question is, are there any better way in
>ibo? Thanks in advance for help! :)

Begin with a rational problem description. You have provided an irrational
(and syntactically invalid) SQL string here. A relational database is
about relationships. IBO is about relationships, therefore. There are
multiple ways to represent any valid relationship, depending on what you
want to achieve.

Provide simplified definitions of the tables involved, including their
keys, and a description of what you want to achieve.