Subject Problems with Keylinks
Author Tony Masefield
Hi All,

I'm using IBO with Firebird 1.5.2 and generate (via TIBO query) the
select query on a view. The inset/update SQL is "auto-generated" and
then modified to remove some fields that have default values on the
underlying table (otherwise the defaults in the underlying table
have no effect) when the data changes are commited. On exiting the
TIBO query one gets a "keylink error". Deleting the auto-generated
keylinks statement, choosing 'OK' and setting the query as active
works. But, if one returns to the query editor and opens the 'Column
Attributes' tab, the firlds are blank. Hitting'Prepare dataset" one
again gets an "invalid Keylinks Error. Deleting the keylink and
hitting "Prepare Dataset" populates the column - until one restarts
the query editor!
Exhiting the query editor generates the, now anoying, 'Keylinks
Opening the query editor, dleteting the keylinks and then activating
the query works again - but now the column attributes have once
again bitten the dust.
"Keylinks" is set, BTW, as autodefine.

Any advice welcomed!