Subject Re: [IBO] Help to install IBO.. problems
Author Fellipe Henrique
Hello, I try to search any files of IBO, and I delete them... but I try to
install again and the same problem appears, here is my header of consts.

IB_GDS32: string = 'gds32.dll';

// This is a flag that I am using to indicate when a bug in InterBase is
// so that a more optimal set of calls can be used.
BUG_EXEC2 = true;

// Version information

I find some files os Logs, in the Log folder, I try to Attach these files

for remember, I using Delphi 7, with no updates.

Thanks for all,

Fellipe H.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Help to install IBO.. problems

> At 05:13 PM 23/07/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>>Hello, its my first post here, I'm from Brazil, sorry my poor english...
>>My problem is:
>> When I install IBO 4.5 ai full, the install run normal, but when is
>> compile
>>into IDE Delphi, these errors appears:
>> There appears to be a conflict with another installation of
>> IBO.
>> Please properly unisnstall prior installations and try this
>>installation again.
>>But I don't have any IBO in my Computer... The files copied correct. Can I
>>install packaed manualy direct from Delphi? What the correct order to
>>compile packages..
> There is no version "4.5 ai". If you have the "Full" kit, it was not
> designed to be installed using the installer, but by the method described
> in the help file. Open IB_Constants.pas and read the "//Version
> information" block at the beginning of the const declarations, to discover
> which version you have.
> Addressing your particular problem - if you are seeing that conflict
> message in the IDE then you *do* have some incompatible elements somewhere
> in your path. For example, if you have attempted to install more than
> once, there may be objects in strange path locations that are visible in
> your Delphi path or in the system path. There is no option except to
> start
> again with a totally clean install.
> After removing the IBO packages via the Components>Install Packages menu,
> you should shut down Delphi, search your drive(s) for objects beginning
> "IBO" and delete them all. You should delete your IBO root directory and
> then create a new one with the same name. You should make sure that the
> output paths where the BPLs and DCUs are placed are included in your
> Delphi
> library and browsing paths.
> There is no simple answer at the moment to the outstanding problems with
> installs on various versions and editions of Delphi. I'm working on an
> update to the installation notes in the help file but, if the installer
> won't work in your version/edition of Delphi, you can follow the
> instructions in the help file topic "Installing IBO 4" using the "Full"
> kit
> and do a manual install. Take great care to create the required
> directories and update your library paths before you begin.
> It appears there are some issues with Delphi 2005 (IBO packages
> IBO40XXX_D9.dpk) concerning the default paths - if we could just find out
> what these issues are. I don't have D2005 and will not have it.
> Possibly Jason will have more to add when he returns from his trip.
> Helen
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