Subject Re: [IBO] Help to install IBO.. problems
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:13 PM 23/07/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Hello, its my first post here, I'm from Brazil, sorry my poor english...
>My problem is:
> When I install IBO 4.5 ai full, the install run normal, but when is compile
>into IDE Delphi, these errors appears:
> There appears to be a conflict with another installation of IBO.
> Please properly unisnstall prior installations and try this
>installation again.
>But I don't have any IBO in my Computer... The files copied correct. Can I
>install packaed manualy direct from Delphi? What the correct order to
>compile packages..

There is no version "4.5 ai". If you have the "Full" kit, it was not
designed to be installed using the installer, but by the method described
in the help file. Open IB_Constants.pas and read the "//Version
information" block at the beginning of the const declarations, to discover
which version you have.

Addressing your particular problem - if you are seeing that conflict
message in the IDE then you *do* have some incompatible elements somewhere
in your path. For example, if you have attempted to install more than
once, there may be objects in strange path locations that are visible in
your Delphi path or in the system path. There is no option except to start
again with a totally clean install.

After removing the IBO packages via the Components>Install Packages menu,
you should shut down Delphi, search your drive(s) for objects beginning
"IBO" and delete them all. You should delete your IBO root directory and
then create a new one with the same name. You should make sure that the
output paths where the BPLs and DCUs are placed are included in your Delphi
library and browsing paths.

There is no simple answer at the moment to the outstanding problems with
installs on various versions and editions of Delphi. I'm working on an
update to the installation notes in the help file but, if the installer
won't work in your version/edition of Delphi, you can follow the
instructions in the help file topic "Installing IBO 4" using the "Full" kit
and do a manual install. Take great care to create the required
directories and update your library paths before you begin.

It appears there are some issues with Delphi 2005 (IBO packages
IBO40XXX_D9.dpk) concerning the default paths - if we could just find out
what these issues are. I don't have D2005 and will not have it.

Possibly Jason will have more to add when he returns from his trip.