Subject Re: Extract dml or another way
Author fingerclick2000
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> fingerclick2000 wrote:
> > Guys, i swear i tried it for hours, but i didn't get it.
> > My problem is: i have one database in a local software(firebird) and
> > another at a web app( postgresql ). The problem is, to maintain them
> > with the same data i am using a xml file that is sent to the server
> > all the time ibo inserts or updates the data. So, my idea was: extract
> > dml data from ibo when it auto create the updates and inserts for me
> > and, then, create a xml file from sql to send to server. but how can i
> > extract it? I didn't find. Well, any help, example, anything is really
> > welcome. By the way, are there a better way to do that, i don't know
> > too much about Ibos components. Well, thanks in advance and good night
> > for all.
> Not sure why you would be having any trouble with this. All the data
> need is in the SQL of the queries you are running, and the After...
> events on the query will give you triggers to send the XML copy.
> If you use the debugger while running the application, you will see all
> the 'raw' data that is available in, say, the AfterInsert event. I do a
> lot of my programming by checking what is ACTUALLY happening ;)
> I only use XML in PHP, but I know there are libraries in Delphi/Builder
> that can do the same conversion from the available arrays of
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Yes, ok, but i want to get the data from the 'updated query', and,
this query is 'made by the ibo'. I only did the select query, ibo did
the rest for me.
How to get the update query he did for me? And i need a pointer to
exactly the data that user inserted, not the last one inserted.
Or, not really the sql, but colums updated with values, something
like this to convert it to a xml. The problem isn't to create the xml
but to get that that. :) Thanks in advance.