Subject Re: [IBO] Extract dml or another way
Author Lester Caine
fingerclick2000 wrote:

> Guys, i swear i tried it for hours, but i didn't get it.
> My problem is: i have one database in a local software(firebird) and
> another at a web app( postgresql ). The problem is, to maintain them
> with the same data i am using a xml file that is sent to the server
> all the time ibo inserts or updates the data. So, my idea was: extract
> dml data from ibo when it auto create the updates and inserts for me
> and, then, create a xml file from sql to send to server. but how can i
> extract it? I didn't find. Well, any help, example, anything is really
> welcome. By the way, are there a better way to do that, i don't know
> too much about Ibos components. Well, thanks in advance and good night
> for all.

Not sure why you would be having any trouble with this. All the data you
need is in the SQL of the queries you are running, and the After...
events on the query will give you triggers to send the XML copy.
If you use the debugger while running the application, you will see all
the 'raw' data that is available in, say, the AfterInsert event. I do a
lot of my programming by checking what is ACTUALLY happening ;)

I only use XML in PHP, but I know there are libraries in Delphi/Builder
that can do the same conversion from the available arrays of information.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services