Subject Views and table field defaults
Author Tony Masefield
Hi All,

I have a table that has default values on some of the fields
(specifically dates). There are two views splitting the table "in
half", one for use by the "originator" and one for the "responder".
Using IBO V 4.5, TIBO strain database, query and transactions (one
each of the last two for each view).
On inserting into the table via the views, the default values of the
table fields are not inserted - whether or not these fields are
included in the view being inserted. These date fields BTW are
as "origination date" - the day the record was inserted - and "last
updated" - the date the record was last edited, and are thus not
entered by the user per se.
The TIBO components are pretty much set up in their 'basic' modes
(default values).
Am I missing a property setting somewhere in one of the IBO
components or is this the default behaviour of Firebird and would
have to coded into the "Before Insert" trigger?