Subject RES: RES: [IBO] IB_Image and JPG's
Author Nelson Vechini
Hi Helen...

I'm using 4.3.Aa

The error "file not found JpgImg.dcu" is ok...but show another error: 'file
not found DsgnIntf.dcu'.


Nelson Vechini


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Helen Borrie
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2005 20:05
Assunto: Re: RES: [IBO] IB_Image and JPG's

At 06:14 PM 18/07/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi Helen...
>I tried intall the TIB_JPEGImage but show a message error "file not found
>Any Idea?

It appears that you have used the wrong version of IB_JPEGImage.pas from
your AddOn directory.

For some strange reason, the file IB_JPEGImage.pas in Addon in the IBO 4.2
kit is a much older beta version based on the JpgImg control. ***Don't use

Instead, unzip the file It contains the sources that
were updated by Martin Schmid and Thomas Steinmaurer in 2001.

If you plan to post any more questions regarding your problems with these
old IBO versions, please provide the following information that I asked

> Could you try to be accurate about what version of IBO you are
>using? There is no "4.2.1". Could it be 4.2.I?

It would also be helpful to say what version and edition of Delphi you are
using. Sometimes there will be problems with third-party controls because
Borland changes the names and/or paths of some units between versions.


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