Subject Persistent Fields with IB_Query
Author lt_col_blair
I've just begun to rewrite an old application that used the BDE (to
access a sybase server) to using IBO and firebird 1.5.
Love firebird already, starting to like IBO.
There's just one thing about IBO, I can't quite get used to, and
that's the fact, that it doesn't support persistent fields. I know, I
could use the TDataSet compatible components, but I don't want to.
The problem I see is just this, that I can't use the Delphi compiler
to help me finding errors in my field names.
Up to now, mistyping a persistent field's component name lead to
compiler errors. As I see it now, with IBO I have to find those
at run time.
Long writing, short conclusion:
Can anyone give me a hint, how to check field names at compile time?