Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup Doesn't work properly
Author Jose Ostos
> At 04:34 AM 16/07/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>>That sample only shows a lookup directly to a key (not a description) and
>>the employee table is not in a grid. If the employee table was in a grid,
>>the tepartment name would not be displayed in the grid which is the case
>>point. This sample only demonstrates the absolute bare minimum. Can't
>>be a more practical sample?
>>I have supplied plenty of information, sample code, database and screen
>>shots and still I have not had a solution to the problem. Am I nuts?
> Probably not. :-) But you do seem to be having some trouble seeing the
> wood amongst the foliage.
> Try looking at the Tech Info sheet under "Working with IBO Controls" at
> There is a good walk-through in that
> document, contributed by Lars George.
> Helen
The only thing I want is to have the lookup work properly as it should. Is
that asking too much?

Jose Ostos