Subject Upgrading to Central Database kind of Application
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

I have a D5->IBO->FB 1.5 (RH9) C/S application
running at 4/5 branches of a Financial Institute.
Each branch has a Independent server and 5 to 10 Nodes.
The setup is running satisfactorily for last 4/5 yrs.

Now the client wants to have a Central Database King of
application at HO and perform Inter branch transactions
In detail the Idea is as follows.

Each Branch will still continue to have Independent
server with local data on it. Establish VPN between
branches with help of Leased Lines or ADSL lines.
Each branch server will keep on updating changes
to a Central Database server for its local transaction
whenever a branch needs to access any account which is
not local it will access the Central Server for its
necessary information and do local transactions
and complete the transaction. It will pass transaction
to HO A/c, concern Branches A/c at HO level, and at local

I would like to solve the technical part of preferential
Connectivity and replication. Operational part is
FI's Policy and once we are able to connect to
different databases and pass transactions then any number
of transactions can be passed.

Well the Point Blank Questions are.

1. How to replicate data with IBO. or do i need any
independent replication Application.
2. When local Application has detected that it need to
connect to central server then how IBO will connect
to Remote server and function. Since we are connected
on slower link Normal Lan like interface may cause
lot of Net Traffic.
3. Are there any utilities which will insure that the
Connection is always on if one line fails another
Line takes up. Leased line provider is providing
ISDN free of cost with no Running charges at all
4. Do I need to write any Application Software interface
to do this ? so that all these hassels to be handled
in that rather than in a client Application.

I think someone of us might have done this type work
please guide me in this regard. my experience is limited
to a LAN based C/S application with Delphi/IBO/FB. I have
not done any web application yet.

Thanks and Best Regards.

R. S. Patil