Subject Re: [IBO] Enhancement Suggestion: Client Libraries
Author Nando Dessena

>> Agreed. You might know it or not (probably not) but I once
>> did quite a bit of work to allow IBO to load multiple client
>> libraries at once, one for each session component.

G> No I did not know (or do not remember) that.

G> Something to this effect is what I have in the C++ library that
G> I use, so I did think about it while I was looking at the IBO
G> changes I described - because something along those lines would
G> obviously be a better solution. I decided it was too much work
G> for something I did not need (at the moment).

perhaps you can ask Jason for the code I once sent to him and see if
you can solve the problem it had then.
Or perhaps, since your problem is solved anyway, you will get back to
more interesting things. :-)

Nando Dessena