Subject IBOQuery and GeneratorLinks
Author Nols Smit
I have a application where on the window, the datasource of the DB-aware
fields point to a IBOQuery but when I load a record, I use a IB_DSQL
component. In the IBOQuery I did the following:

I generated the EditSQL, InsertSQL and DeleteSQL
In the GeneratorLinks property, I set ID=<name of the generator>

If I insert a record, the trigger is fired and when the code (appearing
below) is executed, the trigger is fired again with the result that my table
key increments with 2. Is this normal? If I use IBX then the trigger is
fired only once with a update and my table key increments wiith 1.

with IB_DSQLPhotoAlbum do
ParamByName('Description').AsString := edtDescription.text;


Nols Smit

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