Subject Re: [IBO] please send to me the DCU's for Delphi 2005
Author Carl Zmola
You can brute force the install by compiling the packages manually
inside the IDE, but you must do it dpk by dpk. Building the whole
project group does not work because it compiles the projects in a wrong
order. I just went through this process, and I thought things were
broken, but it is just that there is no installer for D2005.

I don't think you need any extra files. (I didn't).

Unfortunatly I didn't take notes on how I did it.

cgar1136 wrote:

> I can't install IBO in Delphi 2005... and the install file available
> at don't install nothing in the ide...
> i want to install it manually but need the dcus of the privileged
> units... any body could send to me the content of your "D2005"
> folder??? cause is empty to me...and this is the only problem that i
> have for now...
> Thanx in advance