Subject RE: [IBO] IB_IncSearch ClearOnExit
Author Jason Wharton
Ok I think I know what you are saying. The OnExit never does happen because
as far as that form is concerned the last control is focus is still the
control (for the form) that has the focus. It may be possible for me to
hook into the form being deactivated and clear the control under that
circumstance but that wouldn't be good in all cases... Someone may want to
activate a different form without losing their search criteria.

I would have to say in this case you need to programatically control your
forms behavior so that it does a call to ClearSearchCriteria when the form
is deactivated.

Jason Wharton

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> Thanks Jason,
> I understood that the inc search text is stored in the dataset, but
> the problem is that the control never gets an OnExit trigger, so it
> never clears itself.
> Like I mentioned, I don't think this is something specifically to do
> with your controls. My guess is that Windows itself is eating
> whatever message is normally sent when focus is transferred to
> another form. Everything works fine when focus goes to another
> control in the same window (i.e. the control clears properly).
> I think I can acomplish what I want if I write something in the
> OnFormDeactivate event.
> If anyone know about this Windows behavior, please let me know.
> Rick
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> > This sounds like a usage style I had not anticipated. I'm not
> sure what to
> > do here. One thing to know is the inc search text is actually
> stored in the
> > dataset and not the control.
> >
> > Jason Wharton
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