Subject IB_IncSearch ClearOnExit
Author Rick Roen
IBO 4.5B

I am experiencing some unexpected behavior with an IB_IncSearch

The searching part works fine, but the ClearOnExit does not work in
some circumstances.

When the IncSearch is on the same form as the other controls, then
ClearOnExit works properly.

When I have the IncSearch on a MDI parent and I exit the IncSearch
control to another MDI child, the control does not clear. I have a
combo box on the MDI parent also and when I exit from the IncSearch
to the combobox, the IncSearch does clear.

I have tried to trap in the source code and it seems like the CMExit
message is never received when focus is transferred to another form.

This seems like something having to do with either Windows and MDI
forms, or Delphi.

Is there some way around to get the IncSearch to clear?