Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IBO memo
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan
> Do I understand correctly - TRichView is TIB_XXX compatible?

it's IBO (NOT IB_) compatible. TRichView has both data aware components
(TDBRichView and TDBRichViewEdit) which will readily attach to any TDataset
compatible component, of which IBO datasets are one, and non data aware
components (TRichView and TRichViewEdit) which you can load to manually and
save from manually while using IB_ native datasets.

> TIB_RichEdit can be used for formatting text: Bold, Colors etc.?

The menued version can (see addons directory in file)

> I have placed a TIB_RichEdit connected with TIB_query on form. I
> have tried with BLOB field and Varchar. I don't see any
> properties to set for the RichEdit giving me formatting
> capability. So I've run the program and I can not see difference
> between the RichEdit functionality and a memo. I have worked with
> InfoPower where if I remember correctly one double clicked the
> memo and a text editor was provided. It is this functionality I
> am looking for.

if you have rich text on the blob, the TIB_Richedit will display formated
rich textx. If your blob only contains plain text, you will see only plain

double clicking to open an editor is OK but looks a bit passe nowadays. If
you connect TDBRichViewEdit to an IBO (i.e. TDataset compliant) query, you
will get live word processing on the form. If you attach the dynamic styles
module of TRichView to the mix then you will get nothing short of Word style
editing and formatting. If you don't want to pay, then use DBRichEdit on the
Data Controls pallete in combination with IBO queries and you'll get the
double click stuff.


> Bye
> Harvey