Subject Re: SV: [IBO] Re: IBO memo Clarification!
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:33 PM 4/07/2005 +0200, you wrote:
>I mean the RichEdit is connected to a field of the query, naturally via a
>data source. The RichEdit is not connected to the Query!

TIB_RichEdit has the capability to display richtext but not to format it
itself. It's handy for bits of stored helptext, etc., but it has nothing
implemented to make it behave as a word processor. Use a non-data-bound
TCustomRichEdit component if you want more than basic editing, such as
fonts, styles, colours, etc. (Search for one that implements what you
want, or write one).

When loading and updating, assign the content back and forth between your
"fancy" control and the TIB_ColumnMemo object. Refer to the Lines property
of the TCustomRichEdit - it is a TStrings, so it can be assigned and
assigned to in several ways. (Read the helptext for TIB_ColumnBlob and

IOW (correctly) the data access interface doesn't do the business of a word
processor. It retrieves and stores raw bytes across the interface, and
leaves it to a purpose-built editor to do any fancy stuff.