Subject Re: [IBO] FB, Interbase, D6 and a client? Second Post
Author Lester Caine
Paul Hope wrote:

> Thanks for replying. I considered the FB support list but the error seemed
> to be very IBO so I thought this would be better ;-)
People there understand the compatibility problem better than me ;)
And Helen is tied up at the moment :(

> I don't know if the new gds32 is backward compatible with IB5.6 so I'm not
> sure if I could only use the new one (I also have remnants of BDE which I
> want to keep working for a while).
> Problem is I cant use the new one at all because Delphi cant load the IBO
> packages when its in place.
I run quite happily on Builder5 and 6 but the gds32.dll has to be
installed in system32 correctly. Something that HAS been sorted out but
which again firebird-support may be more help with!

Lester Caine
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