Subject RE: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author Enrico Raviglione

At Thursday, June 02, 2005 9:18 AM, Jason wrote:

> You are correct that some indexes on system tables can get
> lost in a backup and restore. What I advise you to do is to
> check for a named index at some convenient time with your
> application and if it isn't there to go ahead and create it.
> It appears to me there isn't anything I can do to optimize a
> query that has no index on it. I could perhaps pull in all
> the data and sort it in memory too. I'll add this to my list
> of development items to work on but I'm convinced there will
> be something you can do in your application to safeguard against this.

at now i prefer this road:

1) i modify all my applications for don't fetch domains: using
ColumnAttributes for define BooleanFields on every TIBOQuery (or
TIBOTable if there are someone) and set

2) i set SchemaCacheDir for use SchemaCache and i manage the SchemaCache
version table;

this reduce a lot (about 2/3) the queries opening time, then i can wait
some other helpful optimization maded by Jason in a new IBO version ...
peraphs we can gain some other performance improvments and ultimately
solve this issue.

Please, someone can add this helpful informations to BDE-to-IBO
conversion guide. I think that can help a lot anyone who arrive from BDE
and make this conversion ...

Best Regards.

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