Subject IBO Windows Apps under Linux/Wine
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi All,

Just wondering what peoples experiences have been running IBO
based Windows applications under Linux using Wine.

A client is beginning trials of a Linux server configured to
replace their old Windows NT4 Terminal Servers. I have been
amazed to find you can do this even using existing RDP clients
to connect to it. Some tuning will be needed before it can
compete over slow connections, but it looks promising.

Most things - internet, email, office - all have ready Linux
solutions (although we have yet to "sell" the end-users on the
change over). My IBO-based client application is the odd-man
out. Even if IBO for Kylix was complete there are other
component libraries (and lots of other work) which mean that
building a native Linux version just will not happen any time
soon. So running under an emulation is the only possibility.

It appears that I will have to find some fonts to better match
the normal Windows fonts, til then some of the forms are not
displaying exactly the same. I also seem to be experiencing
intermitted protection faults when exiting (faults that do not
happen under normal Windows).

But other than those items everything seems to be working.

I was wondering if others have tried their IBO apps under
Linux and Wine and whether there have been any problems with
specific activities - other things that perhaps I should
test more explicitly.

AFAIK the test system is using the Debian distro of Linux.
Other details I do not know at this time, someone else is
configuring the server.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing