Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Combobox
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:04 PM 31/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>After searching the messages here am I the only one who can't seem to
>figure out how to get the TIB_Combobox to use the ItemValues property?
>I've got a TIB_Combobox on a form and I want to use it as a simple
>True/False selector. I've set the style to csDropDownList and I've
>set the ItemValues property to (False=0, True=1).
>Why can't I get this too work?
>What am I not understanding?

It is the actual VALUES of the items you want, not an expression. So, in
the Items property, store the values you want the user to see:


Or, in the IDE stringlist editor, this would be:


And in ItemValues, store the values that you want to link to the set that's
using it, ensuring that you have exact correspondence between the indexes
of the two lists:

In the IDE stringlist editor:


If ItemValues is empty, IBO uses (or tries to use) the value that's in the
Items property so, in your case, 'True' or 'False' would blow up in your face.

>I also couldn't get the TIB_Checkbox to work either (same datafield).
>Which is why I went with the TIB_Combobox.

TIB_CheckBox is a genuine Boolean selector, not a list selector. To use
it, you need to tell IBO that the datafield is a Boolean. Like with all
native IBO stuff, you do this in the actual column attributes, at either
Connection or Dataset level:

At Connection level, in ColumnAttributes, with FieldEntryTypes set to
include fetSQLType:


Or, at dataset level:

You can set the dataset property in the Fields Editor.

TIB_Checkbox represents null as a greyed-out checkmark. TIB_Combobox of
course doesn't have a way to represent null, so it has its limitations with
respect to nullable columns.