Subject R: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author Enrico Raviglione
Lester wrote:
>The main point that I would make is that when you START the program,
>should not need everything open. In fact you don't want everything
>I just open the queries that I need to populate current display. I also

>trim all unnecessary fields, so that I only have the ones actually
>needed ( not sure if that applies in your case Enrico, but if
>from BDE type setup, there tends to be a lot of 'slack' that can be
>trimmed ).
>As you progress to other pages, the necessary additional queries are
>built, and opened, and only get closed when not needed. Once prepared,
>just changing parameters helps keep the speed up.

Yes Lester this is true and when it's possible i write my code in this
manner but in some application we have some entry form with a lot of
lookup combo-box then i must open all queries used by this lookup combo,
and my costumer can't wait x seconds for entry into a form.

My example are only an "example" but with this you can see that there
are a lot of difference at opening time IBO vs. FIB especially on
computers not very young (29 sec. vs. 3 sec.). But i can't change all
computers at my costumer's home.

I see that a lot of the time are also used for fetch all DOMAIN
defintion, but without the DOMAIN definition i can't use Boolean fields.

What do you think about change IBO for fetch only the DOMAIN definition
that are really usefull ? I don't know what FIB do about that but also
FIB use DOMAIN definition for Boolean fields.

Best regards,
Enrico Raviglione.