Subject BCB5 Installer
Author Lester Caine

OK BCB6 Installer has same problems as BCB6 in that it gets the wrong
path for $(BCB) - or rather it does not get one, and uses
C:\Windows\system32\$(BCB)\Projects instead.

So Upgrade path from IBO4 to IBO45 while maintaining the IBO4 setup so
you can return to it ;)
This assumes a fairly standard Builder setup, but usual Borland problems
of not getting it right apply!

Back up the Registry for you Builder5(or6) installation
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\C++Builder\5.0 (or 6.0)

I create an export, rename x.0 to x.0 IBO4 and then re-import the export
giving me a 'copy' called x.0.

I then copy (BCB)\Projects\bpl and (BCB)\Projects\lib to bpl_IBO4 and
lib_IBO4 so that I have copies of the current setup files.

At any point, I can now restore IBO4 simply by copying things back.
( As a point of History, I still use this to maintain a copy of IBO3. I
only need to maintain the registry settings as the bpl and library file
had a different name, but I just rename the correct copy of registry
entries before starting Builder? )

OK - We now have a setup that we can recover to a currently work system
( In my case to a set of files that have passed customer acceptance
testing ! )
This 'trick' works for any library and has saved my bacon on a couple of
occasions where the new 'install' simply trashed a working setup - not
IBO though - but IBO's installer still needs some help ;)

* Install option 1
Run the installer - I am installing to c:\CBuilder5\Projects\IBO45, so
as not to overwrite the IBO4 file set!

Copy the files from
to the Builder bpl and lib directories ( bug to be fixed )
Copy the IBO*.bpl files from C:\Windows\system32\ to the Builder bpl
directory ( Delete IBO40CRT_C5.bpl so we can get Builder to recreate it
first )
Jason - PLEASE do not put files directly into system directory !

Builder will complain about things not being available, just answer NO
to give us a clear slate.

* Install option 2
Just extract the raw files to the correct directory - but they still
need the same fixes to manually install.

Create a sub-directory
( I prefer to keep the .obj's and other intermediate files away from the
source! )

Ready to start Builder5 ( Builder6 is similar, but I seem to remember a
few more niggles when I ran it last week ;) )

Once Open - select OpenProject -> path to IBO4_C5.bpg -> Open

Right Click on IBO40CRT_C5.bpl, and select
Options->Directories/Conditionals and delete text in BPI/LIB output then
OK it
( Jason - I will do a clean set of Project/source files before I disappear )

Then Right Click->Build and the file should be created. Except for the
Builder? Bug which checks ALL the other files in the project even though
we are only working on one. So Cancel all the error windows for the
bpl's we have yet to build !

Only the CRT file has a problem in the options, so after building that
we can just select each of the *RT_C5.bpl -> Right Click -> Build, and
as each is built, the number of errors goes down, until they are built.

After the runtime libraries, we can install the design time ones, but
use Install rather than Build. Each will respond with a list of the
installed packages.

Before installing IBO40VDT_C5.bpl, select Open, and add vcljpg50.bpi to
the Requires list
( Right Click on Requires->Browse to CBuilder5\Lib and select it)
Also we need to rename zlib to IB_Zlib to prevent problems with other
packages that use zlib.
Open IB_VisualReg -> Go down to IB_OleContainer in uses -> Right Click
and Open File at Cursor -> Go down to zlib in uses of this file -> Right
Click and Open File at Cursor -> Change unit entry to IB_Zlib -> Save As
IB_Zlib -> Close page
You should be back on the IB_OleContainer page, with zlib still visible,
change it to IB_Zlib, save file and close windows back to Project
Manager. Now you should be able to install VDT.

The final file on the list IBO40EDT_C5.bpl has a niggle preventing
building it. Open the package, and add IBO40VDT_C5.bpi to the Requires
list to pick up the IB_Zlib we created earlier.

We should now have a fully operational IBO45 install !

Builder 6 needs the same 'treatment', but I can't give it a run through
at present to cross check.

( Now I can build Enrico's project on a Builder5 new builder5 setup :) )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services