Subject Re: [IBO] Conceptual problems
Author jorgegorka
> > The positive side of all this is that it will make you into a
> > seriously
> > good client/server developer if you actually get it working
> > satisfactorily. It's a big ask. You'd get a heck of lot
> > better results by
> > abandoning 2-tier C/S entirely and going for a multi-tier
> > web-based solution.
> I endorse this statement and recommend that you create a web-based
> using IBO in an ISAPI application.

Thank you Helen and Jason for your fast and well explained answers.

I know how to work with views, triggers and store procedures and my
first step was to move all the things I was able to triggers and
procedures so the client program is reduced to the minimun.

The truth is that I use to develop web-based applications mainly with
php-mysql on linux platforms but now I have to deal with a legacy
program writen in Delphi so my approach to this program is to
"optimize" the code as much as I can.

I have no idea nor the will to learn how to develop web-based
applications under windows platforms. The truth is that we have no
windows servers available only linux boxes.

I know this is not the best solution and of course not the one I would
choose but I have to deal with this.

I take into account all the things Helen said to me. I will erase all
select * from table calls and as many grids as I can.

One question:
In a master/detail relationship if I open the master IB_Query with an
sql like that "select * from clients where uniqueid=:paramid" do I
have to optimize the query of the detail or oppening a "select * from
invoices" IB_Query will only fetch the detailed records?


Jorge Alvarez