Subject Conceptual problems
Author jorgegorka
Hello everybody:

I've bought IBObjects because I think they are by far the best
Interbase components available. So now that I'm ready to use them I
have found some conceptual problems.

I need to develop a Client/Server application used via DSL networks so
speed is my main goal.

My idea is to put a single IB_QUERY with request live=true on my
Datamodule for each table I need to maintain (Let's say for this
example I have Products and Type of Products).

In the create event of the datamodule, after checking connexion is ok,
I open the IB_QUERYS.

The sql in the IB_QUERYS is "select * from tabla order by fields".

I know that by openning the IB_QUERY it will fetch all the records but
I think it is not a bad thing because if you try, for example, to add
a new type of product you will be preseted with a Grid showing all the

My main doubt is that when I enter the Products form I have a
IB_LOOKUPCOMBO where you can select the Type of Product so in the
create event of the form I close the Type of Products' IB_QUERY and
assign values to keysource and keylinks to create the reference
between products and type of products. In the close event of the
form I clear the keylinks and assing keysource to nil.

Every thing is working fine but since speed is a must for me I wonder
if there is a better way of doing this.

Any help will be appreciated.


Jorge Alvarez