Subject IBO and Intraweb in multi-thread still problem
Author jubaonline
Jason I have still the problem !

Today morning just two people connected on two different db after 20
get stop the application. I don't know more what to do. Thursday and
I've to terminate the application during the day other two-three
times. When
happend, I find the application stopped, something written on the
window, nothing responds when I try to go in the application with the
browser (calling the port) and when I want to close the application
on the
server it don't close: I need to terminate with the task manager.

Otherwise if two or more people are using the same port and the same
db I
don't get any problem. I ask also to IW group but nothing. The
problem is
that there are too few debug information. The debug window of IW
don't say
me what form, and which method is just call. IB Monitor show me all
transaction and date-time, good, but without the name of the

I check also with my provider: my server on Internt work fine, no
with firewall.

If you have experience with IW I can send you more code, just to
debug this

I notice the problem is using different db at the same time.



> > Subject: [IBO] IBO and Intraweb in multi-thread problem
> >
> >
> > As Jason says I've updated my ISAPI Intraweb program moving all
> > rest of tables and query from the forms to the only 1 data-module
> > you say. I've tested hardly in local network and then put online.
> > After half a day I get a crash (6-7 user only just working on 2-3
> > differnt db): in the data-module I've IB_Session (first in
> > order), IB_Connection, IB_Transaction and all the query e tables.
> > Interbase server was ok and I can always connect also after the
> > crash. I you use for debugging the Application Mode and I notice
> > Intraweb is not down, because the application respond to my
> > till before login check (query on db).
> >
> > What can be ? What is the propery IB_Session.TimeInterval ? I set
> > to 0. Is it a problem with IWServerController.SessionTimeout ?
> >
> > I use Interbase 6.0 and my ISAPI connect 1 only db based on the
> > login. So each group of user use a different db.
> >
> > I use the IB_Monitor also to check all the interactions and I
> > the problem is in a conflict using the db when accessing in the
> > moment. That's why don't happend everytime.
> >
> > Intraweb for each user session create a new data-module (and so a
> > IB_Session and IB_Connection).
> >
> > I try also to create a unique CriticalSection variable and set it
> > Acquire and Release before and a after all db operation. It seems
> > better, but sometimes crash or get very slow.
> >
> > IBObject bugs ?
> >
> > HELP ME please, I'm doing something wrong ?
> >
> > Intraweb 5.1.3 e D7 , IBO 4.2.I, Interbase 6.01
> >
> > Thanks
> > Fabrizio
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