Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and Intraweb in multi-thread still problem
Author Daniel Rail

At May 23, 2005, 06:42, jubaonline wrote:

> Today morning just two people connected on two different db after 20
> minutes get stop the application. I don't know more what to do.
> Thursday and Friday I've to terminate the application during the day
> other two-three times. When happend, I find the application stopped,
> something written on the debug window, nothing responds when I try
> to go in the application with the browser (calling the port) and
> when I want to close the application on the server it don't close: I
> need to terminate with the task manager.

Are you using IIS, Apache or is your application running in
stand-alone mode?

If it's IIS, have you tried to set the IIS "Application Protection"
setting to "High(Isolated)"? This is what I had to do for ISAPIs in

Also, are you using the TCP/IP protocol to connect to IB6? If you are
using the cpLocal protocol, then that is very likely your problem.

> If you have experience with IW I can send you more code, just to
> debug this mistake.

I use MadExcept( to help debug my Intraweb ISAPIs. It
will generate a call trace and save it a file(you'll have to set it to
auto-save), sometimes it will even show you via the browser.

> I notice the problem is using different db at the same time.

This shouldn't be a problem.

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