Subject ASTA, IBO and Transactions
Author Roger Pullen
All - we have an IBO ASTA server app running that
is now generating deadlocks. We are experiencing
an increase in users over recent months (about 10 - 12 now)
and have noted the IBTransaction on the ASTA server
is set to Concurrency - having read up on all this and
(tried) to understand it I believe this may be not the best setting
- committed being possibly better.

This ASTA server connects to a FB1.5 db that also has a "conventional"
IBO app connected as well whose transaction isolation
is set to committed and does not (usually) show any problems.

Is this deduction correct - bearing in mind the transaction
has autocommit set to TRUE. Alternativly, of course, it
may be my client app part that is wobbling....


Roger Pullen