Subject Re: [IBO] Blobs not loaded in IBO application
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>The problem is because IBX does nothing with the contents of the BLOB
>>whereas IBO does handle the interpretation of BLR and converts it
> from BLR
>>to text using the built-in blob filter.
>>If you are putting BMP in a system BLR sub type expect problems.
> Thanx Jason...
> But that means that i wouldn't be able to migrate the application from
> IBX to IBO ????
> What can i do to use IBObjects instead of IBX and use this blob
> data??? the problem is that there are millions of records captured
> in this database and i can't ask to my client that re-capture all the
> pictures of this records again just for my migration of components...
> could i make a script that fix this in my DB and can give me the IBO
> Compatibility and keep the information???

You could simply add a new BLOB field with SUB_TYPE 0, copy the BLOB
data from the original field into this new field by executing a simple
UPDATE statement. Drop the old field and create another new BLOB field
with SUB_TYPE 0 equally named to the initial/original field. Copy the
BLOB data over again and drop the "temporary" BLOB field.