Subject Re: [IBO] Blobs not loaded in IBO application
Author cgar1136
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> The problem is because IBX does nothing with the contents of the BLOB
> whereas IBO does handle the interpretation of BLR and converts it
from BLR
> to text using the built-in blob filter.
> If you are putting BMP in a system BLR sub type expect problems.

Thanx Jason...

But that means that i wouldn't be able to migrate the application from
IBX to IBO ????

What can i do to use IBObjects instead of IBX and use this blob
data??? the problem is that there are millions of records captured
in this database and i can't ask to my client that re-capture all the
pictures of this records again just for my migration of components...
could i make a script that fix this in my DB and can give me the IBO
Compatibility and keep the information???

Any help is really wellcome... this could be my first viable project
with ibo and really want to can show the benefits of IBO over IBX with
this application of so many information... and this will give me the
money to buy the IBO Components and have access to the IBO Manual of
the members section and can really learn to use efectivelly this
amazing components suite...

Thanx in advance