Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird and Interbase on the same machine
Author Daniel Rail

At May 18, 2005, 10:51, Carlos H. Cantu wrote:

> I'm not sure how IBExpert handle this, but it allows you to set what
> client library to use in each registered database.

> Maybe IBO can follow the same way. Afaik, IBExpert uses FIBPlus.

Probably there's something that will have to change in IBO to
accomodate just that. Already, if you don't assign a TIB_Connection to
TIB_Query.IB_Connection, there will be a TIB_Connection that will be
created. Maybe what is needed is that the IB_Connection property in
the components would absolutely need to have a TIB_Connection that you
created assigned to it. Otherwise it wouldn't work. By doing it this
way, it would be possible to assign which client library(or embedded
server) to use. I know that it might not be as simple to implement

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